Daisy Chan

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Daisy is based at the Museum of Croydon where she is a collections access trainee. She assists with the front of house team to help members of the public access the museum’s wide range of materials. She also supports volunteers in the day to day running of the museum, assists artists in residence to help them to realise works, and helps to promote the happenings at the museum.  Daisy has been fascinated by the museum’s archival photographs of buildings, businesses and an asylum that used to exist in Croydon, and comparing this to what they are now.

Having recently graduated in Fine Art at University of the Arts London, Daisy hopes to continue her art practice, which finds alternative ways of representation. She has taken part in a number of group exhibitions in London, and will be exhibiting work internationally at the end of this year. Since starting the New Museum School, Daisy has found it insightful to be introduced to different organisations that showcase diverse culture and heritage in unique ways. This has inspired her to think more about the ways museums can adopt a more inclusive position to reach new audiences.