Member of the Board of Trustees – Cedar Lewisohn

Cedar Lewisohn is an artist, writer and curator. He has worked on many museum projects for institutions such as Tate Britain, Tate Modern and The British Council. He has published two books (Street Art, Tate 2008, Abstract Graffiti, Marrell, 2011).  In 2008, he curated the landmark Street Art exhibition at Tate Modern. He was the curator of the project “Outside The Cube” for HangarBicocca Foundation in Milan and in 2018 worked with Birmingham Museums on the project, Collecting Birmingham. Lewisohn has most recently been working with the Museum of London on the Dub London project and in 2020 was appointed as curator of Site Design for The Southbank Centre, London.

Image: Cedar Lewisohn by Matylda Krzykowski