Faustina Yawson, London Metropolitan Archives: ‘Protest Power And Publications’, 2020 series


Protest, Power and Publications

Britain in the 70s and 80s was rumbling with a Black community fighting for change. And while the spoken word of protest was crucial in working to achieve this, the printed word also played a role in galvanising and establishing freedom movements.

In this podcast, Faustina Yawson, New Museum School trainee at London Metropolitan Archives, City of London, explores the link between publications and Black activism at the time. Using the Huntley Archives (LMA/4462, LMA/4463) to discuss how Black magazines, pamphlets and newspapers, worked to bring the Black community together and challenge Britain’s racism.

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Image: London Metropolitan Archives, City of London, LMA_4600_04_0518, Chris Schwarz Collection, Collage: The London Picture Archive, Copyright London Metropolitan Archives

Original Music by Culture& Archives & Digital Media Trainee, Eno Inwang