Rachel Ofori: Detangled

‘Ofori is an engaging performer… Slipping and sliding with grace between the boundaries of theatre, spoken word and comedy.’

Lyn Gardner
The Guardian

Racheal Ofori’s new play ‘Detangled’ commissioned by Culture& and directed by Paulette Randall, addresses how urban areas acquire new identities through the arrival of people from diverse parts of the world.

Based in a London hair salon, the play will explore the theme of shifting cultural associations and gentrification of London’s localities through black hair culture and the erasure of things that went before, for regeneration and redevelopment.

Her work is inspired by her own experiences — the trials and tribulations of modern life through the eyes of a young black woman. She uses music, dance, poetry and humour to examine identity, challenge cultural stereotypes, reflecting the diverse world in which we live.

Directed by distinguished theatre director Paulette Randall, the set will be designed by artist Michael McMillan with music composed by Peter Edwards. Producer, Isobel Hawson, will support the management of the research, development and evaluation of this new commission.


Watch Racheal’s talk and performance ‘Equal but different’ for TedxCourtauldInstitute:

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