Whose Heritage? Research Reports

A Black woman with fashionable short hair and dressed in a glittering tantop sits cross-legged in a tall European-style leather and wood-carved chair. She sits in front of a classical painting of a royalty recieving a scepter from a deity.

Isabelle Tischler – Finders Keepers -Unpacking the Concept of Contested Heritage

Morgan Beale – Edward Onslow (1758-1829)

Tabitha Deadman – Three Artists: Bi visibility and multiple gender attraction

Siobhan Williams – 575 Wandsworth Road

Qanitah Malik – Blurring Field-Box Boundary Documenting through Community Participation

Edinam Edem-Jordjie – Five English Heritage Location Reports

Keilah Boyd – Community in unity: Save Sutton House

Molly Joyce – The Magna Carta Memorial, Runnymede, National Trust

SamuelAli – Milton’s Cottage Report

Bayryam Bayryamali – Milton’s Cottage Report