Re-branding Statement- Errol Francis

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Rebranding Statement- Errol Francis

As part of our rebranding process we are pleased to announce that from 1 June 2017, after nearly 30 years of opening up who makes and enjoys arts and heritage, Cultural Co-operation will be known as Culture&.

Our decision to rebrand follows research and consultation conducted with our stakeholders and partners. Many of you told us that a shorter, more open brand name is the best way to communicate that we are a contemporary arts and heritage organisation with extensive social connections, programme breadth and geographic reach. The ampersand that follows the word ‘Culture’ communicates the ever-evolving nature of cultural experience and our belief in the multi-dimensional structure of individual and national identities.

We also believe that by marketing our programmes under one powerful brand with a long history of success around the the UK, we will have even greater impact and become a more significant voice in the national and international cultural landscape.

As a result we will be able to provide even more cultural value to you and all of our stakeholders. Once we make the change, you will see the Culture& brand re-introduced in advertising, marketing materials and signage in various media.

This is an exciting time for Culture&. The rebranding builds on many improvements we have made to our programmes in the past year. This continuing evolution builds a cultural brand whose value to you, as our audience, increases by the day.

As a valued member of our audience, we wish to assure you that we continue to be committed to delivering high quality and accessible engagement with the world’s cultures and providing training to arts and heritage professionals. We aim to promote diversity by tackling inequality and discrimination through artistic excellence to achieve positive social change.

Our work draws upon the transformative, life-affirming potential of the arts and our common heritage.

Please view our arts and heritage programme, commissions and collaborationstraining opportunities and network for artists, curators and heritage professionals.

Thank you for your continued confidence in us and support.

Errol Francis