Museum of Croydon: Vignalë Brothers

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The Museum of Croydon is built on the fascinating objects and stories of the people who have lived, loved and worked in Croydon. 

New research at the Museum of Croydon looks at the lives of Trinidadian brothers – Ralph and Otho Vignalë from Croydon, who served in the First World War. Heritage Trainee, Sam created a pop-up display earlier in the year which details the brothers’ service in the British West Indies Regiment. Sam has also tracked down a copy of a rare book by Ralph Vignalë and has included a charming family photo acquired in collaboration with Historycal Roots, a project aimed at raising awareness of the black and mixed heritage figures who have played a part in shaping the way society looks today. 

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Image: Raymond Vignale, Date Unknown. Museum of Croydon.