Donata Miller

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London Transport Museum 
Contemporary Collecting Curator 

I fell in love with history at a young age and now continue to pursue my passion for people as a museum curator. For me, discussion on race and culture is important, as the more you learn, the more you understand the interconnectivity and uniqueness of different communities.  

I have held positions in various community organisations over the years and now continue to focus on representation and inclusion as the Contemporary Collecting Curator at the London Transport Museum. My primary focuses in collections management are in exhibitions, data management, and digitisation. Through collections management, I aim to positively impact the way in which we see our everyday lives, whether through contemporary collecting or through revisiting the past and revealing/ remembering hidden histories.  

I created poster parades for the themes of “Reimagining Historic posters” and “The Flow of the River” in my time as a trainee at the London Transport Museum. This has given me great experience in project planning, label writing, conservation and managing a team. Both parades covered topics such as design, legacy, and innovation; the first poster parade being a comparison of similar older and more contemporary posters, whilst the “flow of the river” featured a variety of river styles and audio accompaniment. I began preliminary work on the Frank Pick slide collection at the end of 2016. Over the course of a year, the project involved digitalizing, cataloguing and researching pre-WW2 lantern slides, a collection which belonged to a major former CEO of London Transport. 

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