Jetmire Dvorani

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Templer Study Centre Assistant  National Army Museum 

I have a background in graphic design, having studied it at degree level at Central Saint Martins. As a designer, the body of my work focuses on exploring the context and meaning of hidden stories. My interests have expanded over the last couple of years due to the different experiences I have gained working with different institutions. 

I joined the National Army Museum at an exciting time, just as it reopened.  As Templer Study Centre Assistant my role has been mainly working with the collection. The National Army Museum’s collection contains over 1.3 Million objects covering over 600 years. Due to the fact that the museum was closed for a long period of time there was a backlog of scanning requests, which I helped resolve. During my traineeship, I managed to scan over 10,000 items.  

With no previous experiences in archives I was given training on object handling, archival store standards and cataloguing classification. I have been involved in organising the archives and ensuring that there is structure and order in regards to the location control of items. Having spent so much time with the collection, I have developed a real interest in collection care and conservation and this is something I would like to develop given future opportunities.  < back