Henrik Yau

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Collections Assistant 
RAF Museum 

I have always been interested in working with museum collections. Whilst studying for my degree in archaeology at the University of Reading I worked with material objects and understood how these objects illustrate the journey of human history.  

Since graduating from university in 2015, I have volunteered at both museums and universities to develop my skills and knowledge with a focus on collections management and conservation. It was thanks to Culture&, who gave young people like me the opportunity to work in the heritage sector and take my skills to another level. Whilst working at Royal Pavilion & Museums as a Collections Assistant Trainee, I have been fortunate enough to work with different museum professionals allowing me opportunities that have been invaluable for me in my museum career. The best thing about working in museums is what I learn: object handling techniques, different types of conservation methods and applying these preventative techniques, cataloguing and documenting museum objects into the database. 

During my traineeship at Royal Pavilion & Museums, I have assisted in large-scale gallery installation projects. Contributing to the work for the Constable and Brighton exhibition at Brighton Museum & Art Gallery was an enjoyable and enriching experience, learning about acquisitioning, conservation and design. Another key area of activity was the archaeology gallery, which provided an opportunity to work on a new permanent gallery from the beginning. After finishing my traineeship, I wish to continue expanding my skills in similar roles and even specialise in areas of work relating to collections management and I hope to inspire younger generations from diverse background towards a possible future in the heritage sector.  

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