Jasper van der Kort

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Jasper is based at Southbank Centre, working across their archive, the Hayward Gallery Library and the National Poetry Library. His work will be focused on digital archive development, including online delivery, digitisation, image management and copyright.

Jasper spent the final year of his Linguistics degree working in a public Library part-time, which fostered a passion for heritage and information management. Upon graduation he started his own project developing a personal archive of his Grandfather’s possessions dating back to 1914, mostly surrounding his service during WW2. This project enabled him to experiment in a wide range of areas, including database development, natural language processing, cataloguing, digitisation and conservation. He enjoys being able to combine his digital skills with his linguistics background, applying them to his work wherever possible.

 Since starting with New Museum School, Jasper has felt inspired by the future possibilities for museums and other heritage organisations, and the ways in which technology can be used to open up new avenues for engagement, particularly with regards to younger generations.