Anika Begum

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Anika is based at Bletchley Park, a museum dedicated to the codebreakers of WW2. She will be in departments such as the Learning team throughout her traineeship, experiencing first-hand how the teams all help to run an important heritage site. She has taken part in workshops and is looking forward to learning more about the heritage sector. She is interested in museum education and how it is used to learn about the past. Anika graduated from the University of Leicester where she studied History. She is enjoying the New Museum School sessions as she supports the movement to increase representation in the Arts, Culture and Heritage sectors. She also wants more stories to be told about significant and inspiring people from the past, which has inspired her research for a podcast she will create for the NMS. Anika believes that History is not owned by a select few, but rather it belongs to everyone, to learn from and explore.