African Digital Heritage

Photo of a group of people listening to a person presenting with a large flipchart.

Cultural heritage and inclusive growth for African Digital Heritage, Kenya

Culture& is working with African Digital Heritage (ADH) to develop practical training programmes for the Kenyan cultural heritage industry, to address skills gaps identified during the ‘Cultural Heritage for Inclusive Growth’ research phase – a project sponsored by the British Council.

We are working with ADH to create programmes that are cost-effective and sensitively aligned to the practical and relevant scenarios appropriate to the infrastructure and resources of Kenya’s existing and emergent cultural heritage industry. We are supporting the formulation of programmes aimed at upskilling practitioners working in state institutions such as museums, archives and libraries as well as those working as independent practitioners in alternative digital and physical spaces, and in different geographical regions: Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumi.

The programmes are practical, engaging and interactive: incorporating a range of approaches such as workshops, group tasks, expert talks, critical thinking and exchange, to encourage participants to go beyond theoretical concepts and draw directly from their work-place experiences and employer expectations.

We working with ADH to tailor inputs to meet the training needs of participants working who are in the mid – entry level range. The course is tailored to be relevant to participants’ background and roles however overall practitioners are working in curation, event management, digital content management and conservation.

Culture& is working with the University of West London and African Digital Heritage to develop the evaluation methodology and data analysis for the programme.

Carousel Image: ‘Bring Back Our Artefacts’ by Kenyan cartoonist and political satirist, Bwana Mdogo.