Zia Álmos Joshua X


Zia Álmos Joshua X is an educator, artist, researcher, and activist, born and raised in Brixton, London. Zia currently works for the Linnean Society of London as ‘Engagement Research and Delivery Officer.’

Since its Masters, it has been focused on the philosophies of science, biology, technology, and consciousness, and these have played largely in its creative work. It is also dedicated to teaching and education, and spent its 2 years prior to starting at the Linnean Society working in public engagement at a medical museum that explores the influences and intersections in science of art, religion, politics, culture, and philosophy. Zia was a collaborator on the 2019 Culture& Cyborgs programme at the Wellcome Collection where it led a participatory workshop exploring classification focusing on the legacy of Carl Linnaeus – who created the system of naming organisms that we still use today.