Edinam Edem-Jordjie

Edinam was one of 6 New Museum School trainees at the National Trust. Edinam was based within the London Creative Team at the Trust’s regional office in London, and the Garden and Outdoors team at Morden Hall Park, focusing on projects centred around urban greenspace – one of which involved restoring the famous Rose Garden. After graduating with a degree in anthropology at Goldsmiths, Edinam worked at UCL for 11 months where she supported the Community Engagement and Exhibitions teams with the planning, production and delivery of exhibitions and public engagement programmes within and outside UCL. Alongside this, she also spent time volunteering at various heritage sites such as the National History Museum. These experiences have inspired her interest in finding new and innovative ways of presenting the objects, traditions, places etc. that tell the stories, beliefs, histories and values of our society. As a New Museum School trainee, she enjoyed the opportunity to take part in the programme, using the skills she has in new ways alongside developing new skills and knowledge in horticulture.