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An abstract painting, resembling the style of futruism, depicting colourful shapes.

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Resource 1: Lord Kitchener Calypso (Museum of London and Pathé)

Resource 2: Dub Playlist by Cedar Lewisohn (TACO!)

Resource 3: ‘Brixton Blue’ by Denzil Forrester (Art on the Underground)

Resource 4: Jemima and Johnny film (BFI)

Resource 5: Music by Keith Waithe

Resource 6: Interview with Liz Johnson Artur (Guildhall Art Gallery/ Culture Mile Learning)


Further Resources:

Black Sound Exhibition by Lloyd Bradley: 

Romance in G by Samuel Coleridge-Taylor:

Interview with Denzil Forrester (Tate)

Nursing the Nation by Alexander D Great

‘Windrush Generations’: 1000 Londoners (British Library and Chocolate Films


Image: Untitled, Denzil Forrester, 1983 © Royal College of Art / Royal College of Art Collection. Copyright Denzil Forrester. Courtesy the artist and Stephen Friedman Gallery, London.