Tortoise ThinkIn – Should the UK return the ‘Parthenon Frieze’?

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Francis Errol was joined by fellow speakers Vicky Pryce and Dominic Selwood and host Giles Whittell. The panelists sit in front of a wall of bookshelves.

For nearly 200 years, the collection known as the ‘Parthenon Frieze’ has been in the care of the British Museum. Removed by Lord Elgin in 1801 at a time when Greece was a province of the Ottoman Empire, he later sold them to the British Museum – who have always maintained that they were acquired legally with all the necessary permissions. The Greek government is optimistic that growing UK public support, will see the Parthenon Frieze returned to Athens. Public opinion appears to be in favour of returning the collection.

On Thursday 10th February, our Artistic Director and CEO, Dr Errol Francis, took part in a ThinkIn hosted by Tortoise Media to discuss the return of this artwork. Errol was joined by fellow speakers Vicky Pryce and Dominic Selwood and host Giles Whittell.

Image Credit: Still from Tortoise Media YouTube Channel. Video titled, ‘Should the UK return the ‘Elgin Marbles’.