Siobhan Williams, National Trust London: ‘Topophilia At 575 Wandsworth Road’, 2020 series


Topophilia at 575 Wandsworth Road

This podcast delves into personal experiences of Topophilia, highlighting the significance of the National Trust property, 575 Wandsworth Road to discuss further exploration of engaging BAME audiences, particularly in London.

Hosted by Siobhan Williams, New Museum School trainee at National Trust London, and Osterley Park and House

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Additional Audio from the ‘Music time in Africa’ archive library of Luo folk music. “By a group of young Luo girls, singing a delightful tune about a Woodchopper.” Introduced by radio host Sue Moran, 11th May 1975. Metaphorically speaking, Khadambi Asalache is the woodchopper within the 575 Wandsworth Road narrative, that the Kenyan girls are referring to.

Many thanks to the University of Michigan for permission to use the MTiA radio archive.

Image: : Khadambi Asalache by Gered Mankowitz, C-type colour print, November 1988 © Bowstir Ltd /

Original Music by Culture& Archives & Digital Media Trainee, Eno Inwang