About PS/Y

PS/Y is a research, curating and public engagement group exploring the interface of the arts and sciences, established in 2015 by Culture&’s Artistic Director and CEO, Errol Francis. PS/Y has developed transdisciplinary projects and dialogue with artists, scientists, arts and heritage organisations, academic institutions and communities.

Previously, PS/Y has been involved in the ground-breaking Anxiety Arts Festival (2014) and the Acting Out Nottingham Festival (2015). In 2017-18, PS/Y delivered the ‘Hysteria’ programme which looked at the physical impact of psychological trauma. These three programmes critically explored mental health and wellbeing from an interdisciplinary perspective. 

PS/Y is now under the management of Culture& as the art, science and wellbeing strand of our public programmes. We are currently researching future themes that the programme will address. These programmes will explore human feelings and psychological relationships with the contemporary world in which we live and how we can respond to the urgent questions of our time. We will tackle these subjects in terms of how they relate to the sciences and technology: such as the ecological crisis, health and wellbeing and personal identity. We aim to do this in a truly intersectional way, exploring our feelings and relationships to these questions and interrogating the sciences by taking account of human differences whether they relate to cultural, social, economic, sexual identity, faith, disability or age.

See the PS/Y website here.